Implementação e Configuração

Unit 1: Introduction to SAP Access Contro

Lesson: Discussing Business Challenges and Solutions
Lesson: Using SAP Access Contro
Exercise 1: Connect to the System and Navigate the User Interface

Unit 2: Architecture, Security, and Authorizations

Lesson: Describing the System Architecture
Lesson: Describing Security and Authorizations

Unit 3: Shared Configuration Settings

Lesson: Configuring Shared SAP GRC Settings
Lesson: Configuring Shared SAP Access Control Settings
Authorization Risks and the Segregation of Duties (SOD)

Unit 4: Management Process

Lesson: dentifying Authorization Rsks
Lesson: Managing Risk by Segregating Duties

Unit 5: SAP Access Control Repository

Lesson: Synchronizing Objects into the Repository
Lesson: Scheduling and Viewing Background Jobs

Unit 6: Risk Ana ysis

Lesson: Maintaining Shared Master Data
Exercise 2: Maintain Master Data Access Control Owners
Lesson: Configuring and Maintaining the Ru e Set
Exercise 3: Review Configuration for Analyze and Manage Risk Functionality
Lesson: Configuring and Using Audit Trai Tracking
Exercise 4: P an and Prepare a Rule Set
Exercise 5: Bui d a Rule Set and Prepare for Testing
Lesson: Us’ng the Risk Analysis Framework
Lesson: Remediating Rsks
Lesson: Mitigating Risks
Exercise 6: Perform Risk Analysis, Remediation. and Mitigation
Lesson: Mitigating Mu tiple Risks at One Time

Unit 7: Business Ru e Framework

Lesson: Creating Rules in the Business Ru e Framework (BRF)
Lesson: Defining Business Rules
Exercise 7: Create Attribute Data and a BRFplus nitiator Ru e
Exercise 8: Create BRFp us Agent and Routing Rules

Unit 8: Multi-Stage, Multi-Path (MSMP) Workflow

Lesson: Describing Mu ti-Stage. Mu ti-path (MSMP) Workfbw
Lesson: Maintaining MSMP Workfbw
Lesson: Building MSMP workflow
Exercise 9: Build MSMP Worklow Configuration

Unit 9: User Provisioning

Lesson: Configuring User Provisioning Settings
Lesson: Configuring Access Request Forms
Exercise 10: Configure Settings Specific to Provisioning and Managing Users
Exerclse 11: Maintain End User Personalization
Lesson: Requesting Access
Lesson: Preparing Roles and Owner Data for MSMP Workflow
Exercise 12: Prepare Roles and Owner Data for MSMP Workflow Testing and Validation
Lesson: Creating Simp fied Access Requests
Exercise 13: Test and Va idate the MSMP Workflow
Lesson: Reviewing Search Request Results

Unit 10: SAP Fiori User Experience (UX) for GRC

Lesson: Describing SAP Fiori UX
Exercise 14: Use the Compliance Approver App to Approve an Access Request

Unit 11: Role Design and Management

Lesson: Configuring Role Management
Exercise 15: Review Design and Manage Roles-Spec’fic Configuration Options
Lesson: Configuring Role Methodology
Exercise 16: Maintain Owners for Role Management in the Setup Workcenter
Exercise 17: Maintain Default Owners with Condition Group
Exercise 18: Define Methodology Process and Steps
Exercise 19: Review Configuration Settings for Condition Groups
Exercise 20: Associate Role Methodology Process to Condition Group
Lesson: Configuring Role Search Attributes
Lesson: Planning forTechnica Role Definition
Exercise 21: Create a Single Role
Exercise 22: Create a Composite Role
Lesson: Planning for Business Role Definition
Exercise 23: Create a Business Ro e
Lesson: Consolidating Roles Through Role Mining
Lesson: Performing Role Mass Maintenance Operations

Unit 12: Emergency Access Management

Lesson: Describing Emergency Access Management
Exercise 24: Review Emergency Access Management Configuration
Lesson: Planning for Emergency Access
Exercise 25: Maintain Owners and Controllers in Centra Owner Maintenance
Exercise 26: Owners to Firefighter DS
Exercise 27: Assign Controllers to Firefighter DS
Exercise 28: Assign Firefighter Users to Firefighter DS
Exercise 29: Maintain Reason Codes
Exercise 30: Execute a Firefight Session
Lesson: Monitoring Emergency Access
Exercise 31: Review a Log Report

Unit 13: Periodic Access Review Process

Lesson: P anning Periodic Review
Lesson: Monitoring Periodic Review
Exercise 32: Review Configuration Parameters for Periodic Access Review

Unit 14 Reports and Custom FieldS

Lesson: Using the Reporting Framework
Exercise 33: Change an Existing Report
Exercise 34: Add Custom Fields to Request Header
Exercise 35: Add Custom Fie ds to Role Definition

Unit 15: SAP Access Control Implementation

Lesson: Using the SAP Access Control Imp ementation Process
Lesson: Designing the SAP Access Control Solution
Lesson: Planning Upgrade and Migration
Lesson: Configuring SAP Access Contro
Lesson: Implementing the SAP Access Contro So ution
Lesson: Optimizing the SAP Access Contro Suite

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